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Wallet Project - Episode 003

Episode 3 of the wallet project is now up. This time I discuss the changes that have been made to the CAD models to improve design and usability. We also take a quick look inside the machine at the 4th axis fixture that I recently got finished making. Hope you enjoy! Jason

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Wallet Project 002

Episode 2 of the wallet project. In this episode I discuss some of the hardware and software I use during the design and CAM programming of the products I make. I also show the CAD details of the wallet project in its current state. Our next video will cover the changes and improvements made and we'll start programming the parts as we work our way towards the next round of prototypes.

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New Youtube video series!

Welcome to the new Blog! We have recently started a new Youtube series to document some of our upcoming projects. The first series will cover our minimalist, everyday carry wallet. We have been working on this project on and off for over a year now. We've made several prototypes already and are in the final design stages. In the first episode, we go over the project and highlight some of the areas of the wallet that need improving still. The next episode, we'll break out the CAD (solidworks), make the changes needed and get ready to run the next round of prototypes. We hope you enjoy this series! Thanks, Jason    

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