Utility Pen now on Kickstarter

We launched the Utility Pen Kickstarter project at 7:00 am mst on 3-14-17. As with all Kickstarter projects I have been apart of, the excitement is incredible! You go into these thinking you have developed the best thing the world has ever seen! And then the hours tick by... and tick by... and tick by... What do you mean we didn't raise $100,000 in the first 30 minutes? Is thing on? Is the internet down?

24 hours after launch we've raised $792.00 towards our $3500 goal. A far cry from what you lay awake at night dreaming about. But the truth is, it's $792.00 worth of validation. An amazing number if you consider how incredibly small of a company we are and the shoe-string budget we have to put a project like this together. I am super proud of the success so far!

The first 48-72 hours and the last 48-72 hours are usually where I've seen the most funds raised. I'm pretty confident we'll reach our goal and I want to believe we'll surpass it a little too. Time will tell. The 30 days of a Kickstarter campaign is what I would imagine jumping off of a 30-foot cliff into a lake would be like. 1 day for every foot. You're in the air...No turning back...It's a long way down and you won't know what the landing will feel like until you get there.

As entrepreneurs, this is the thrill we seek.





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